Advanced digital Magnifiers

Vericon VIsion - Inspection systems you need! Digital Microscope and Measuring systems


Image is always in sharp focus, making it easier for users to inspect and measure small details on the PCB without the need for manual adjustments. This saves time and effort and improves the accuracy of measurements.

Unique Design

All-in-one design with an embedded PC and software for data acquisition allows for a streamlined and efficient workflow. This feature also makes it easy to integrate the microscope into existing setups and reduces the need for additional equipment.

Optical Zoom

Optical zoom allows users to see fine details on the PCB with high clarity and resolution, even at high magnification levels. Provides users with even greater flexibility and control over their inspection process, making it easier to spot defects and issues.

Powerful 4k Digital Magnifier

4K Digital Magnifier with Auto Focus System

Vericon Vision 4K 60FPS high speed auto focus camera with 1X-28X Zoom lens, HDMI & Ethernet Output

Full HD Digital Magnifier

14x Optical Zoom HD Digital Magnifier

Vericon Vision Full HD Digital Camera with 14X Optical Zoom & 6X digital zoom. Powerful inspection system with measuring function

Main characteristics of products

Best solutions for Apperience Inspection, Defect Inspection & Quality check


60FPS Live Imaging

Bright and clear image with functions of recording and saving

Power Layout

Saving Option

60 frames per secon


High Efficiency

Auto-Focus makes higher efficiency. Automatic focus of image after vertical distance movement


Fast surface detection

ROI Autofocus


Built in - Embedded Functions

Built in software allows fast and reliable calibration and measurements

Side by Side comparrison

Mesurement Option

Built in reference line function

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my microscope to my computer for data acquisition?

How do I control the zoom and focus of my microscope?

Can I measure the dimensions of objects using my microscope?

Can I use my microscope for other applications besides PCB inspection?

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